My First Ever Blog – How it Began

Updated: Jun 5

Hi I am Jen and new to blogging so go easy on me!

I am the very proud owner of The Engine Shed and with it being more than just a holiday accommodation to me, I decided to start a blog alongside it too!

I have had many, many ups and downs in my life and really been through some mentally tough times which left me pretty exhausted with life; for me the low points in my life have been a struggle if I am honest. I guess that friends and family have always seen me as strong; interpreted me as a fighter, overcoming things and working hard to get what I wanted. Lots of that is true but the struggle is REAL! I mean I often put on a brave face and wouldn’t let people see my vulnerable side…well I am now!!

You’re probably thinking…what’s this got to do with The Engine Shed? I promise I am getting to that!

So without giving you my life story, I found myself at a crossroads a couple of years ago, really my outlook was bleak, I had become someone I really didn’t want to be! The glass was half empty and I was not counting my blessings.

Then everything changed, I met someone who really opened me up to thinking differently about life and I was fortunate to start a fresh knowing that everything was going to be alright. Think from the Inside Out!

Check out The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill…at this point I was changed, can’t really explain it but I could see clearly and everything became less effort and more fun!

I was able to identify the things that lifted my mood easily and found joy and gratitude in my work again. Nature nurtured my soul and filled me with inspiration so I made slight changes like putting my desk by the window and glancing out at the trees and sky frequently through the working day.

When I was little I always dreamed of living in the country and having a horse on my own land and I distinctly remember my Nan saying ‘when we win the pools you can’, it had always been an out of reach dream until one day I spotted a house for sale on Battersby Junction. I never imagined I would be able to get a mortgage on my own for a place like that but amazingly I managed it!

This was a game changer for me, I never once looked back and every day I became grateful for the hills and the beautiful scenery around us.